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Winning Golf Wagering!

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Steve “The Golf Banker” makes it his goal to share his winning Golf picks with as many people as possible every Golf Season. 

Steve is a PGA handicapper and researcher and he is going to help you win some money this year betting on golf. If you don’t watch golf don’t worry about it - you don’t need to watch it to win money betting on it.

Steve  has helped his clients win money for 6 straight years! Yes 6 straight season of profits.
Last season included +69.2 units of profit. Which means $100 bettors won over $6,900 simply following his picks last season.
When following Steve’s golf picks it’s not uncommon for you to hit a 50/1
winner of a golf tournament for $500 in profits for $10 bettors and $5,000 in
profits for $100 bettors!
The great thing about his picks is you don’t have to do any work. He will email you
out each pick telling you exactly who to bet on, and all you will need to do is login
to your sportsbook and place your bets.
He is so confident that you will love following his picks and enjoy the big profits
that he is giving everyone a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If he doesn’t help
make you money (and lots of it) you can ask him for a refund within 60 days and
he will honor it with no questions asked.
So yes, basically you are getting a 60-day free trial period to make yourself some
money, and then decide whether or not to continue (you are probably going to want
to continue after you win some money, but at least you have a choice)!
Note*  - His biggest profits were in 2009 when clients won 151.5 units. That is $15,150 for $100 bettors!


Sports Betting Professor NCAA Hoops 2014 Update

From the Desk of Rich Allen aka:

The Sports Betting Professor


Well once again the college basketball season made me look like a genius.  In fact we came damn near close to having our best college basketball season ever (and that’s saying something because college hoops has probably been my most consistent performer.
If it wasn’t for a C bet loss in the last weekend of the season
we would have pulled it off.  As it stands we did pretty damn
good regardless.


The Sports Betting Professor


First play was given out on Dec. 2nd, a winner on Western
Kentucky.  And before it was all said and done we picked up

63 system wins!  Put that up against only 4 system losses
for the whole year and you get a profit of +35 units for the
college hoops season.

That means a $100 bettor made back $3,500 in profit.  If you
bet $200 on each play you profited $7,000, and so on.

College hoops really jump started us as we flipped the calendar
from 2013 to 2014 and the rest of the sports just followed suit.


The Sports Betting Professor


I’m glad  some of you were along for the ride for yet another winning College Basketball season courtesy of the Sports Betting Professor!

Let’s do it all over again next year, shall we?

Talk soon,

The Sports Betting Professor





Stay Away From the Glamour Teams and find Value


Value is What Gets You Sports Breadwinners!

Wayne_Allyn RootYou can’t go wrong tuggin’ on this Sports Betting Superman’s Cape. If you did you would be with the other 3 Milion people Wayne’s serves. Just take a minute or so and learn what it takes to win in the World of Sports Betting.




Learn just a tidbit if information from “The King of Vegas” Wayne Allyn Root.


“Take the team nobody else wants. You can’t win following the crowd.”


“At a time when a stock is undervalued and everyone decides that it stinks all at the same time all at once? That’s when you want to buy at that point. Buy low and sell high.That’s Wall Street winners and  that’s the key also to sports gambling winners.”


“One of my best ten principles is going against glamour teams, the teams  the public loves.’



“So I go again and again and again with underdogs that nobody wants! Orphans and I win and they would win outright for me.”


“Isolate the few times each year when any team is undervalued ,buy ‘em and play ‘em and  the few times each and any team is overvalued selling short… bet against them. Value is what gets you sports breadwinners.”


 ”Here’s the mistake most amateur sports gamblers make…they want to bet a lot of games? Usually every weekend there’e 50 games! (College -Pro Football)
You can’t bet every game an win!”


“My advice is very simple: Find the two or three games each week in where you have an edge and bet those.”


“If you need to make a bet in order to enjoy a game on TV, bet five hundred dollars on the game that matters or whatever your figure is that you’re comfortable with and bet fifty dollars on the TV game on Monday Night Football. To bet the same amount on a game just because it’s on TV, is the dumbest form of gambling in the World.”


“If you win , WALK AWAY. When you’re ahead, WALK AWAY, it’s a sure fire way to make money as a gambler.


You have to know when to stop. That’s more impotant than to know when to start!”


“If you win… You’re done for the weekend.”


Never step up your plays when you’re way behind, and in my opinion you also never step up your plays  when you’re way ahead.
Take your winnings off the table and put them in your pocket.



Notes From the Recliner – 1st Round 2014 NCAA Tournament Edition


Notes from the Recliner 2014 NCAA BB Tournament

J.Connelly Oddsonyourside



*** The infamous sports talk show host Jim Rome calls it “Sports Christmas”. People take days off and/or call in sick just so they can take part waking up on a Thursday morning in the middle of March and slouch in a recliner for a full day of non stop mayhem or sorry, “Madness”. We weren’t short on that for the first morning of “Sports Christmas.” The Madness was in abundance!


Mick Cronin

*** I have no personal affiliation with Cincinnati as far as their team is concerned, but after their showing against a good Harvard team was a huge disappointment. I have no problem that Harvard beat Cincy except that I lost the best on Cincy. It’s just that they played so poorly for a team to be considered a 15th Nationally ranked 5 seed  and go out and shoot 37% from the field.Their  total lack of the ability to go on a run was absent.



*** Another disappointment was the showing Oklahoma put up against a highly ranked (Kenpom Offense) in No.Dakota St.. I knew NDS was good enough to put up a fight but OU can score points too, but they didn’t. Too many missed oppurtunities for a dismal 38% from the field (25 of 72). North Dakota didn’t even need to use their mediocre defense against a team that was flat.



*** I would think that the shaky start by Louisville vs the Manattan Jaspers would let them know this isn’t supposed to be easy for you. I have all the respect in the world for Manhattan, but you are a very highly ranked Louisville team. Step yo’ game up!



*** Which makes me think that all of these “Prima Dona” teams need to get their heads out of their collective asses and realize you can get “NAILED” by any team in this tournament… VCU  & DUKE!


UT win

*** My favorite finish and the one that proves the term “March Madness” was the final effort put up by Texas‘ Cam Ridley’s lay up in the final half second to get past AZ St.





*** Do they need a coaching change at Duke?? (lol)

Coach K







***Wichita State hasn’t passed the test yet. Although they did handle their business (hammering Cal Poly) unlike other highly touted teams in this tournament. Being a -2.5 favorite vs Kentucky is their first test on Sunday.



***I have Virginia going to the Final Four, but after allowing Coast Carolina to hang around too long wasn’t reassuring. A 20 point favorite and rightly so considering CC rankings. Hopefully for them head coach Tony Bennett won’t be leaving his heart in Raliegh by the likes of  The Memphis Tigers.


*** San Diego St allowed New Mexico St. to hang around. Their under 40% from the field and blowing  a big lead didn’t help their cause. If they show up the same way vs North Dakota St. they could go down like OU.




*** Tough task for Mercer now to face a determined Tennessee team who’s working on all cyllinders right now.




 *** I don’t think UCLA head coach Steve Alford has any plans to allow his team to get beat by SF Austin. Thats not going to happen.I think the Bruins are  a  sweet 16 team.

UCLA Alford






*** Free throws to me are like Field Goals in College football… Having wagers that rely on teenagers on a national stage to perform basically unaltered acts to either kick a ball inside the uprights or shoot a ball inside a  hoop is actually nuts. Why I continually allow to put myself in these situations, couldprove to be my physical demise.


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This young hard hitting “streetwise college math whiz” turned Sports Betting enthusiast has figured out what works in the Sports Betting realm.

People who have given up betting on Sports or giving up hope of ever becoming profitable have found Tommy’s System and his betting plays as away to turn it all around.

Along with his personally developed system he has a team of experts that cover major sports around the world.

People are catching on quickly and are seeing their bankrolls grow.  Check out the testimonials and what he provides.

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Sports Betting Professor’s 2014 NCAA Hoops System is 21-0

He’s at it again!  Sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due.

In this case it goes to the Sports Betting Professor.

He is currently boasting that his system picks from his NCAA Hoops system is holding at 21-0 , and +21 unit bets.

If you were betting $100.00 a game you would be up over $2000.00. That’s right!

The best thing is  for a short time he’s offering the system and his picks for those who act quickly for HALF PRICE!

Don’t hesitate and get in on the PROFITS with  Rich Allen’s NCAA Hoops System









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Let’s face it, Sportsbooks and Oddsmakers are extremely crafty as it is. Add to that their vig (edge) and it can make it even worse for sports bettors. They know exactly how the public likes to wager and have for years. So if you  are struggling  between betting favorites and underdogs, you will continue to struggle because they KNOW you!


Enter John Logan (a former Stockbroker) and his “Firm of Sports Betting Investors!”  They are here to help you with over 20 years of Sports Betting experience  and financial success and  have opened their expertise to the betting public since 2008.

John Logan  worked  for Bookmakers in the past and has the inside knowledge of how THEY think. An invaluable advantage! He has seen thousands of people lose their hard earned life saving in sports betting.  Now he’s on YOUR side! It won’t be just  your dollars he’ll save you but your time as well. John and his team of seasoned professionals do the work for you.

“If you’re ready to stop wasting valuable time and start making consistent money with some real handicappers, you’re in the right place.”

There comes a time when enough is enough and you just have to “Call in the Professionals!”


Check out his results the past few years:

Insider Play – 16-2 2012
Insider Play – 34 – 9 2011
Insider Play - 51 -17 2010
Insider Play – 68 – 21 2009

MLB 2012 SEASON – 76 – 21
MLB 2011 SEASON – 101 – 38
MLB 2010 SEASON – 127 – 32
MLB 2009 SEASON – 119 – 28
MLB 2008 SEASON – 97 – 21

NBA 2012 SEASON – 28 – 9
NBA 2011 SEASON – 91 – 34
NBA 2010 SEASON – 87 – 28
NBA 2009 SEASON – 103 – 25
NBA 2008 SEASON – 125 – 29
NBA 2007 SEASON – 87 – 15

NFL 2012 SEASON – 15 – 3
NFL 2011 SEASON – 47 - 19
NFL 2010 SEASON – 38 – 11
NFL 2009 SEASON – 25 – 6
NFL 2008 SEASON - 17 – 3
NFL 2007 SEASON – 11 – 2

Remember its not GAMBLING anymore, it’s INVESTING and John Logan’s SPORTS BETTING SOLUTION  will get you back on track into making profit and  keep you from  donating your losses to a Sportsbook.

For a fair yearly price you’ll profit from an already proven successful professional.

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Steven Taylor’s “Smart Money Law”



Smart Money Law  and it’s only $49.95

Steven Taylor:

Don’t be fooled by the super-low price. This is top notch professional information to making consistent profits from sports betting. I have in the past sold this exact same system for as much as $997 via traditional mail order! And it sold extremely well at that price! However, selling over the Internet has seen my advertising costs go down to almost zero. So I can now pass on these savings to you.

Plus, I realized over the years that a high price only deprived the people who needed this system the most. Making money from sports betting for me is both a business and a hobby. I get a great deal of pleasure from helping others enjoy this fantastic venture and profit from it. Dozens of my clients have also become very close friends of mine over the years.

Smart Money Law

It will take you around 15 minutes to read and understand the system and then you can start to make profitable bets within the next 70 seconds – it’s that easy. You should make excellent money from the first day. I’ll give you super fast service by letting you INSTANTLY download the system within the next 60 seconds. This way you can start profiting immediately.

Smart Money Law     GET IT NOW! Gives Hockey Fans an Opportunity to Clean Up

The popular online sportsbook paying members $100 to bet on Friday night’s Buffalo Sabres game!


San Jose, Costa Rica – November 14th, 2013 – It turns out cleaning house can lead to cleaning up. After the worst start in franchise history, the Buffalo Sabres have opted to fire Ron Rolston and hire former coach Ted Nolan to replace him. For members of, that means an opportunity to earn free money—up to $100. The online sportsbook is handing new members and existing ones money to bet on Buffalo.

“As if having to deal with the Buffalo Bills’ record wasn’t hard enough, Buffalo Sabres fans are coming to terms with their unbearable 4-15-1 record, the worst in franchise history,” stated Dave Johnson, head odds maker at “We want to give Sabres fans a reason to get excited, so we’re handing out free cash to those who are willing to back Buffalo in their next game on Friday with their new head coach.”

To qualify for the free money, new members must open an account and make a deposit before the Friday night Sabres start with the new head coach. Members must enter the promo code: “Sabres Fan” when creating their account. Members will then receive a free bet up to $100 to wager on the Sabres. If the bet loses, members will receive all their money back. If the bet wins, the money is theirs to keep.

Any existing customers who have made a previous bet on the Sabres this season are also eligible. They can bet the Sabres this Friday and if they lose the bet they will be refunded 100% of the money up to $100. Exotic bets are not included in this promotion. All existing customers must email with the subject line “Sabres Fan” after they place their bet.

This isn’t the first time turned a losing franchise into a winning opportunity. Last month, the online sportsbook handed out free money to new members who were willing to drop money on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The free money doesn’t end with the Sabres freeplay. offers all new members the choice between two bonuses. New signups can opt for 10% cash back on all bets or a 50% match bonus on all cash deposits.

The 10% cash back is paid once per week on all wins and losses. It comes with no rollover requirements so members are eligible to bet with it the second it’s available in their account. The 50% match bonus applies to all initial cash deposits as well as reloads. It’s valued at up to $500. New members are eligible to earn one bonus, not both.

The free bet will likely lead to serious traffic and heavy betting in the coming days at, so analysts recommend that sports bettors get their bet locked in early. More information on all bonus offers available can be found at