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2017 CFB National Championship Pick

JAN 9 2017




ALABAMA -6.5  vs CLEMSON   O/U 51

Raymond James Stadium Tampa Bay, Fla.

      JConnelly @OddsOnYourSide





I’ve heard from a few of the “wiseguys” that the (- 6.5 ) Alabama line is about as sharp as it will be. Although one could expect some late public favorite money on Alabama to maybe push it to 7.

This game is a big deal… As a matter of fact it’s really intense, at least it is to me.
Can the once beaten Clemson Tigers in this same game last year, rise up to take down Bama, the undefeated Goliath?

Some say Clemson has a bit of an advantage due to the exit of OC Lane Kiffin. It’s hard to say. I think the new OC Steve Sarkisian won’t be so conservative, and let Jalen Hurts have more say and more leash in what he wants to do with his unbeaten offense. Just a feeling.

Alabama defense is also known for disrupting offenses causing turnovers and even scoring on those turnovers, which Clemson has a tendency to do.
It’s almost like a 2 score advantage that it should be for Bama.

But we all know what Clemson’s offense and DeShaun Watson can do. He is AMAZING to me! ( He was the Heisman Winner really)

But here’s the thing, and what I see… The Clemson drubbing of Ohio State was confusing to me. Not that Ohio St. lost, (I bet Clemson) it was getting SHUTOUT by  the same Clemson Defense that the Very Good teams took advantage of during the season.

Teams like Fla. St 34 pts. Va Tech 35 Pitt-43 Louisville 36, even Troy 24 pts… put up these points on Clemson… but Ohio St 0???

Did Clemson reset or something during their time off? Or was Ohio St. just really not that good?

After looking at those teams and those points allowed doesn’t give the look for a LOW SCORING GAME. Alabama is one of those Very Good teams!

On the other hand Alabama didn’t look as sharp in their defeat of Washington. Which has now probably caused SOME uncertainty in this final game and keeping the total lower.
Some Bama sources were also saying that the Kiffin play calling was off as well.

The 2 teams to do damage to Alabama during the season were Arkansas 30 pts and Mississippi 43 pts. Passing teams. Clemson is ranked 7th  nationally in passing yards. You think Dabo Swinney is keen to this?

The Total is 51 .. To me that’s low. I realize this may be a square bet, but most people are seeing Clemson as this stout defensive team that sent Urban Myer home scratching his head. I don’t think they can do anything like they did to Ohio St. in this game, especially against the BEST team in the Nation.

I see points being scored and defenses & being exploited … Alabama (35-38) to Clemson (28-31). That’s just how I see it.

I like Clemson, I hope they win… and they could straight up!. To me the Alabama defense that causes points every time, keeps me away from betting Clemson. The revenge factor for Clemson and the play of Deshaun Watson keeps me from betting Bama.

So I’m taking the OVER 51 Relax and enjoy the Game !!!

2017 Soccer Betting Masters

Get in now just before the Worlds Soccer Seasons start!


Soccer Betting Masters







From the Desk of Frank Belanger:

This is an invitation to join with us for the 2017-2018 soccer season for the incredibly low price.

About 40 cents per day is pretty darned low don’t you think for a profitable soccer service?

Many charge a few hundred dollars just for one game which is ridiculous!

We aren’t here to rip people off, just to pay a few bills and cover the costs of doing business. We love what we do and want everyone to have the chance to join with us affordably.

Just a few questions to answer about our soccer program…

For 2017-2018 soccer season we will be using both 1×2 style of predictions as well as the over/under 2.5 goals predictions. These are the 2 most popular soccer betting methods and the ones that all of the sportsbooks offer odds/games for.

These two methods also offer some great opportunities over the long soccer year to really grow your bankroll!

That should explain to everyone what types of predictions we will be offering.


When is the best time to join as a paid member with our service?

That answer is NOW!

Why now?

Because this is the kickoff of the big soccer year and when all of the big leagues are starting! England Premier, Italy Serie A, Germany Bundesliga, and many more!


If you haven’t yet joined, how can you join?

Click the link and take a look…you’ll see our information and along with it you will see an area to click. Click there and then you will see just how easy it really is!

What about the refund guarantee?

Yes, it’s true. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our service we will issue a refund of our small fee within the 60 days after you join. We are sure that you will like the service, but in case you don’t you have the option available to you.

We are always here for you to answer any questions!


Have a great week-end!





What is Sharp Money?



by Greg Shaker ~ Shaker’s Shorts

A guy walks into a Vegas Sportsbook wearing a Trench Coat, large billed hat and a Wad of Money. He looks both ways, walks up to the Counter, and puts down a Stack of Bills. The Room is hushed. In a Low, almost too low to hear voice he says, “Michigan -3.”

And so that’s Sharp Money right? Of course it is, and the guy in the Trench Coat is a WISEGUY. You rarely see these guys any more, mainly because Trench Coats are out of style, but they are there. Oh yes they are.

But of course I jest. Sharp Money is probably the most misunderstood concept of Sports Betting. But it is really easy, it’s just been Glamorized by Touts as being something that it is not. Most refer to these WISEGUYS as SHARPS denoting the fact that these Fellas are the BOMB and what they say and do it the WORD. So much so that people CHASE what these guys do..




On any given day on Twitter one can see 1000’s of Tweets similar to “The Sharps are on Michigan.” Unfortunately most of the Tweeters doing this have no clue. In my Circle of Friends we don’t use the Term SHARPS, and we don’t use the Term WISEGUY. Well except when we want a good laugh. The People that use these terms are most always just repeating what they hear and most are just misinformed.

Sharp Money is actually a very simple concept. It Simply is Money that is Bet at the Best or Near Best Number during the Betting Cycle.

That’s it. You don’t have to wear a Trench Coat to do it. And you don’t need a Wad of Money. That means that if Michigan Opens at -3 and you bet the other side (Let’s say Ohio State) at +3 and the eventual closing line is Michigan -1, then you were SHARP and you bet SHARP MONEY. Consequently if you waited and Bet Michigan PK or -1 during the Betting Cycle you too are SHARP or SHARP MONEY. It’s NOT about Winning, it’s about Betting your Favorite side or Total at the Optimum Level.

Do you see how that works? Betting the Best Numbers these days is not easy since we have more things, more people, more info, that moves numbers. And these things move numbers FAST. It is why and it why I have said that “You can’t make money following Sharp Money because by the time you do, it ain’t Sharp anymore.” Being SHARP Money should be the ultimate goal and it is with Better Bettors.

by Greg Shaker ~ Shaker’s Shorts

Army Finally Beats Navy 21-17 and the Sharps Knew it

ARMY beats Navy  21-17  Vegas Sharps betting hand over fist on Army!

JConnelly @OddsOnYourSide



Baltimore,Md –  It’s not always the statistics that helps form a decision on who wins or covers a college football game.  Subjective reasoning comes into play as well and the Vegas Sharps knew something was different this time when our Nation’s finest went at it again in the 2016 version of Army-Navy game.

Army +6 M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore,Md  Dec. 10 2016

Army has been the little red haired step child to the always powerful Navy, and that’s been a 14 year run of success for the Midshipmen. That’s 14 straight victories!

However if the stars don’t align, someone is going to notice, especially in Vegas.

For one thing, Army’s last game played before this one was back on Nov. 19 when the Black Knights crushed FCS Morgan State 60-3.

So, you could basically say that Army had a 4 week rest to prepare for their annual nemesis.

Navy on the other hand was coming off a gut wrenching loss just 7 days ago in the AAC Conference Championship game with Temple. 34-10

One would think that Navy MUST have expended a lot of energy for a game which could have given them a trip to the Cotton Bowl with a win, as well as the week of preparation for a game of such magnitude, in the meanwhile Army was sitting back plotting to UP-END a potentially tired Navy squad.

It’s usual for these teams to have a bye before they face each other, but due to a cancellation one week in Navy’s Schedule, the Goats were coming into this game playing in 8 consecutive weeks without a rest!

I’m sure a fresh Navy team would have been able to easily deal with a fumbling Army team who ended up with 5 turnovers total, giving Navy many chances. Not that Navy was without turnovers of their own.

A fresh team indeed would have also meant that it was without major injuries to a Navy team that kept them atop of the AAC West all year. But without their top 2 QB’s and forced to use 3rd string QB Zach Abey, and without RB Toneo Gulley  as well as 5-6 defensive players, it left little doubt to the Sharps in Vegas that ARMY was the right play!

Army opened up at +10 and by Thursday they were +6! By Kickoff on some books they were +4. Ends up they didn’t need the points and won Straight up at +210.

“More money was bet on the Army-Navy game than on any other single event Saturday and produced the biggest loss of the day for some Las Vegas sportsbooks.” espn article

It didn’t take Navy long to figure out that Army wasn’t here to lose and go home. It was an Army team who seemed to want it more, and showed that by keeping a usually high powered offensive machine like Navy off the board for the entire first half at 14-0.

But this wasn’t a rested Navy team. CBS Announcer Gary Danielson even said that it’s like “Navy is playing in mud.”

Navy Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo must have gave a fiery halftime locker room speech, because they seemed a bit more awakened in the second half at the same time Army was looking tight.

Army turnovers helped Navy in the 2nd half enough for them to take a 17-14 lead into the 4th qtr. But it was the determination of a rested confident running Army team who looked like they decided to run with 2 hands on the ball, and made a late 4th qtr. drive ending with a Ahmad Bradshaw 9 Yd TD Run to put Army up for good and the win!

CBS Verne Lundquist with the call.


Steve “The Golf Banker” Shares his Picks

The Golf Banker Shares his Upcoming Golf Picks



December 1,2016

In an effort to promote his Golf Banker Picks, Steve has allowed everyone a FREE LIVE sample of what members of his service would receive on a weekly basis. Steve is a steadfast Golf Handicapper who’s been doing this for years. He’s knows what he’s doing, and as you’ll see below his service is professional and very affordable.
Golf handicapping isn’t easy. That’s why Steve is invaluable to have on your side if you enjoy watching and wagering on Golf. Wagering on Golf can also bring big payouts, unlike your typical even money team sports betting. He’s actually provided a few high odds picks this week that hopefully cash out for those thinking about becoming a profitable member of his picks!  2017 is just about upon us, why not get off to a potentially profitable start on the World Golf Season with Steve, The Golf Banker.
JConnelly @Oddsonyourside
From the Desk of  Steve The Golf Banker
Hello everyone,
I thought I would send out this weeks selections in the form that our members receive them, as a full example to you so you can have an idea how my service works.  I am really looking forward to a great 2017 and we will start a bit early with a winner this week! Any questions feel free to ask.
Last week Team Denmark outlasted everyone and claimed the countries first World Cup of Golf. We had 3 of our 4 selections in the Top 8 but they just couldn’t have that one sensational round needed to win. This week we will be covering two events (one taking place on the PGA Tour and one on the European Tour). I have split up the two previews.
Hero World Challenge
This years event will take place at Albany G&CC which is located in New Providence, Bahamas. This is the second straight year the tournament will take place at this course and the players are excited. Albany is a Par 72 course that is designed by Ernie Els, and should play around 7400 yards for this week. The course combines features of many styles of golf, but can be described as mainly desert links.
Bubba Watson picked up the win here last year.  He shot a blistering -25 over 4 rounds and finished three shots ahead of runner up Patrick Reed. The tournament this week will feature most of the world’s best players, and will also be the return of Tiger Woods.
2 Units on Henrik Stenson 10/1 – Stenson is currently ranked 4th in the World Golf Rankings. He enters on the heels of 3 straight Top 9 finishes, including a runner up at WGC – HSBC Champions. Stenson is one of the world’s best iron players and that will be what vaults him into contention this week. He is also a clutch putter on Sunday.
Brooks Koepka 10/1 – Koepka played well here last year (solo 7th) and enters on the heels of a Win and a solo 2nd in his last two tournaments.  He bombs the ball off the tee and should have many short irons into Par 4’s. With Koepka it is all about avoiding the dreaded double bogey down the stretch.
Bubba Watson 15/1 – We are getting great value here on the Defending Champion. All 3 of our selections are very long off the tee, something I wanted to key on. Bubba has only played once since the Tour Championship but you wont see any rust. He was lights out at this course last year (all 4 rounds were 67 or under) and I think he has a great chance of replicating that.
We have a good tournament this week for Draftkings. Obviously not many players but I think we can take advantage of people loading up on a few Top players.
Focus on these 7
Stenson (9400) – Has been playing lights out all year. End his with a win here.
Koepka (8900) – Finished solo 7th here last year and is coming off a back to back Top 2’s.
Reed (8600) – Was the runner up here last year with 3 rounds of 66 or less.
Fowler (7900) – Coming off a good showing at the World Cup of Golf and was 3rd here last year.
Watson (7600) – Defending Champ has been playing solid golf (Top 20 in 4 of last 6).
Grillo (6900) – 11 tournaments since his last finish outside the Top 33.
Snedeker (6400) – If his putter gets hot, then he will be in contention.
 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.
You might think that we have already covered this event, and you would be somewhat correct. The Dunhill Links holds an event in Scotland and South Africa attempting to develop young amateur golfers from both regions. Lets take a closer look at this week’s golf course.
Leopard Creek Golf Course will host the European Tour event this week and it is a spectacular scene. The Gary Player designed course is formatted in a Parkland style with plenty of water hazards. It is located in Mpumalanga right beside the Kruger National Park. This is the top rated course in South Africa and the wildlife experience has as much to do with that as the course it self. Players will see crocodile, hippo, wild boar, and buffalo on the course or alongside the river beside the holes.
The course will play as a Par 72 that should be about 7290 yards for the tournament. Look for players to have the ability to go very low and the winning score to be between -18 and -20.
Though the field might not possess many marquee names, you will get to witness some top young European talent this week.
Lets get down to the picks
Brandon Stone 25/1
Zander Lombard 50/1
Dean Burmester 50/1
Enjoy all the golf this weekend everyone!

NBA Betting System starts 8-0


I don’t know what you can say about a guy who’s systems just keep winning. After all it’s results that does more of the talking. What Tony Chau and his NBA Exterminator Betting System are accomplishing is either lucky or incredible. We should all know it’s more than luck to to succeed in Sports Betting. Tony’s Exterminator NBA System uses the ABC progression method, which may make some sports bettors feel uneasy. However to start he’s won on 8 official A level bets. Here’s an email he sent:

From the Desk of Tony Chau The Sports Betting Champ



Sports Betting Champ


11/28/2016  James,
It feels easier than taking candy from a baby! Last night, Sacramento crushed their opponents for yet another easy {A} win to bring us to a perfect 8-0 for the season. 8 out of 8 James! How’s that for a win rate?
Are you now fully, wholly, and absolutely convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt about the mind-blowing power of the NBA betting system? Our official record is now a perfect 8-0 so far this 2016-17 season, with each and every single one of our wins coming in at the {A} level!
It’s worth repeating James: We have never once had to resort to the {B} bet all year because the {A} bet has been winning 100% of the time! It hasn’t failed us once in all 8 bets. That’s the magic of the NBA system James. That’s simply the power of having me on your side.
Here’s the official record so far this 2016-17 NBA season:

Date  Our Team       Bet    Result   Status
11/6   Utah              {A}    Won!    Official
11/7   Detroit           {C}    Won!    Unofficial
11/12  Brooklyn       {A}    Won!    Official
11/15  Chicago        {A}    Won!    Official
11/16  Golden St     {A}    Won!    Official
11/18  Phoenix        {A}    Won!    Official
11/18  Toronto         {A}    Won!    Official
11/20  Portland        {A}    Won!    Official
11/27  Sacramento {A}    Won!     Official
I’ll continue to monitor our record and keep you updated as the season progresses. I can’t wait to hear your results once the season wraps up James! I expect us to dominate this year like we have always been for the last 30 years.
Today is yet another prime example of the kind of powerful difference it makes when you have me on your side James!
I expect us to continue going undefeated for a long time to come.
All the best,
The “Champ” Team


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Low Cost NFL and College Football Betting Systems




It’s almost here! The pigskin is just days away! How many of you are ready for the fist week of getting in on the anticipated and long waited excitement of  the Pro and College Football betting Season. September through mid January. What about starting it off right and being prepared to do battle against the oddsmakers!


nflCollege football








Listed below are some LOW COST Sports Betting Systems / Picks to get you on the right track just before the Season starts!




The Sports Betting Professor   He’ll let you in for $5 for 30 days of picks. That’s a No Brainer folks! If you like what he produces it’s only $47 a month! That’s a good deal! The SBP has been at this for a long time. Go with it! Click Here!


AccuScore   a sports simulation company that accurately simulates sporting events prior to their scheduled time. The simulation model uses past player performances and relates that data to the coming match: team composition, weather, location, coaching… They can define each player with a unique algorithm and simulate every match approximately 10,000 times. Subscription services cover all major US sports and top 10 soccer leagues round the world. We provide game predictions as well as individual player performance projections to be used eg. in fantasy sports.  Click Here!  for a free 7 Day Trial ..l If you stay it’s only $69.00 @ month!


GridironGoldSheets    What you get here is Weekly “newsletter” picks. High quality picks for both College and Pro Football, that have proven to be between 60-65% every year. These are in the Money Ballpark for a Full 5 month Season @$200.00! Basically its $50.0 a month of Winning picks! hard to go wrong.  Click Here!


Win Win Sports Betting Systems  Jack Pace offers up Systems for ALL Sports including the NFL. Everything is simple and straightforward. You can master these money systems easily. For only $67.00 You get every System he’s got! Football,Basketball, Baseball, Soccer Click Here!



ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS           Read Review                      Read Review



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Bet at 5dimes




Why ZCode?


ZCode has collected the best of the best questions that the newbies and experienced ZCode members have asked. Then, to help you become a successful sports investor, we put together the answers, with a host of secrets from the masters in an episode that you shouldn’t miss! Among other things, founding father Mike Z. talks about the origins of ZCode: how it all began! He tells us all about when there wasn’t even a website, only a Facebook fan page; the first apps and growing to became the most revolutionary site for sports investment.

ZCode is not just about sports. It’s about making money doing what you love: sports investing.
• Guessing a winner is easy. Making money consistently is a different story.
• How different is investing in sports compared to investing in gold, Euros, dollars, or Apple stock?
• Having fun with sports investment and winning along the way.
• Being a great capper isn’t just about knowing your sport; what else do you need?
• Why ZCode created the betting bots and how they work.
• What makes the ZCode community so addictive and why it wins.
• “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin
• The number one reason that newbies fail on sports betting.
• Does ZCode really cover all 365 days of the year?
• How do I get rich? What are the secrets?
• How a right mindset can make such a difference.
• The 3 types of people that you must avoid in sports investing – and why.
• How ZCode maintains such positivity in its community and the behind-the-scenes secret.
Uniting your efforts with the brightest minds in sports and the greatest programmers makes you successful.



Tennis Wagering with Chris Campbell’s “Tennis Cash”




According to Chris Campbell creator of the Tennis Cash System ,  “making money from tennis betting has to be the easiest and most profitable way to make a living.”

If your willing to make a profit betting on Sports, (and yes, Tennis is a Sport!) You need to check out Tennis Cash and be ready for another outstanding year creating profits from the Courts.

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Chris Campbell:   “My analysis has proven beyond ANY doubt whatsoever that in the long run tennis matches have the MOST stable and predictable outcome when compared to ALL other types of sports betting out there!”

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According to Chris it’s not about who’s playing  who, but about the odds that has been working for him and his system that has his clients making profit!

You can obtain this success in 2 ways:

1) Become a lifetime member and get instant access to the Tennis Cash system with summarized results over the past 9 years. The summarized results will show how many bets were placed each year, how many won and how many lost.

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