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Yes the  Sports Betting Champ has reappeared and his  name is Tony Chau. This guy and his systems FLATOUT WIN! There’s a reason he’s still around! He has 3 systems for you in this offer. MLB All Season, NBA All Season and 1st Week NFL. If you like betting Baseball and you like winning even more when betting Baseball … then THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!  His NBA Exterminator System is  just as powerful and accurate. I bought into his Exterminator System  in August toward the end of his MLB season and I also get his picks for LIFE! and I’m excited about it!

Don’t delay in making a HUGE step towards a profitable NBA Season and becoming a successful and professional Sports Investor! Get the Newly revised EXTERMINATOR SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM!      Just DO IT!    It’s well worth It! 




This young Hard hitting “streetwise college math whiz” turned Sports Betting enthusiast has figured out what works in the Sports Betting Systems realm. People who have given up betting on Sports or giving up hope of ever becoming profitable have found Tommy’s System and his betting plays as away to turn it all around.  Along with his personally developed system he has a team of experts that cover major sports around the world. People are catching on quickly and are seeing their bankrolls grow.  Check out the testimonials and what he provides. Think of  it this way: If your not profitable in two months! You get your money back! Plus I’m not so sure he’s going to steer you wrong for his own good. Tommy Krieg wants you to be successful to maintain the relationship, its a WIN WIN scenario! Start with a small sample to see if you want to get onboard with The Sports Cash System!


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Rich is a third generation sports gambler turned Sports Investor. Being an ex-employee for an off-shore Sportsbook gave him the inside knowledge of how they operate as well as the insight of  where the advantage plays are! The Sports Betting Professor claims that if you follow his Sports Betting  Systems exactly like he says you will undoubtedly profit! These are Systems  based on years of statistics. He is so confident of his powerful systems, that if you don’t profit he doesn’t want your money! His systems will teach you where the profitable bets are so you don’t have to follow statistics, trends and angles that take up up your time. It does most of the work for you. Rich’s Systems cover MLB,NBA,NFL,NHL,MMA,NASCAR,Soccer and even Horse Racing!  Rich likes to stay cutting edge which is what it takes to mainstay sports betting success. He’ll always keep your best interest in mind and will keep you updated on changes to Systems and Sports Betting information.

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Sports Betting Systems


Investing into analytical sports betting under the Zcode robots guidance is risk free – it comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. You can check out the system, see if it’s for you and then make an intelligent, informed decision if you want to go forward with it. Again here its Sports Trading not gambling! If your looking for a system that gives you Computer generated picks, this is it! Become the next Billy Walters and start your Sports Betting Empire!    Cat: Sports Betting Systems

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**SMART MONEY LAW *by Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Number 5  because of the Value of what you pay for in return on a GREAT Betting System! “Win 91.3% of all your Sports Bets.” The best part about this Sports Betting System is that it only selects bets with the best value. It works beautifully day after day and  it will continue to tell you exactly how and when to make your bets that will turn into profit. It’s a system that deals with Head 2 Head Matchups that when aligned with Steven’s partameters will produce amazing returns! Available now is the completely revised, updated and improved version for today’s marketplace. Become a profitable sports bettor. $49.95    $29.95

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Sports Betting Systems

SportsBettingStar a Picks by Email Service  from a Sports Betting System devised by Chad that he shares with anyone who wants to stop wasting time and hard earned money. Chad on his System: “I would say that our MLB and NBA systems are beyond amazing. We have had several double digit win streaks in these sports the past year alone!  NFL, however this year I have incorporated a new -110 NFL and NCAA Football system. The Sportsbettingstar main vision is to offer it’s subscribers a strong money management system. I constantly preach to my subscribers about NOT betting with emotions, NOT trying to get rich quick and most importantly betting quality versus quantity.”

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Other Sports  Betting Systems for purchase:  Click for access


SportsBook Investing Let this group of elite Sports Investors guide you back on track of creating growing monthly profits. These guys are not touts or an expensive sports service, but rather experienced bettors who will share their  success sports betting systems with you!

Soccer Betting Masters  For those who want to create profit over the long run betting on soccer and understand the idea of Sports Investing as opposed to ‘gambling’. Frank Belanger connects himself up with Statistical genius James Dodson to create a 60% plus  win rate!

Earnbigsportbetting by Kevin Harvell –  “This product will transform you from the hapless bettor, who bets in any direction his nose points to, into the sharp, seasoned risk-taker that everyone will look up to in admiration.”

Bet on Sports for Massive Profitby Eddie ‘The Ace” Bradford – “… A Sports Betting System that includes both a winning Baseball and Basketball Betting System in one complete sports betting strategy that will generate MASSIVE long term profits!” E.B

All Sports Betting Systemgives you the luxury of having both a  system in place as well as a handicapping service at your disposal. This means that unlike using a lone handicapping service that only offers picks, a proven system combined with guaranteed winning picks works to completely ensure you get BIG PROFITS each and every month!

Win Win Sports Betting Jack Pace Provides system betting for the NFL,NBA.MLB,NCAA and Soccer as well as bankroll management.

SportsBettingProfits  Specializes in systems for Soccer, Baseball and Horse Racing.

Why Use a Sports Betting System






Sports Betting Systems are popular  for  people who want to get serious about creating profit. Sports Betting Systems are devised by smart passionate people who  have a craving desire to say I found a way! As computer algorithms and programs are being used to create these systems more and more into play, you would be at a disadvantage not looking into one.

Systems like ZCode or Tommy Krieg’s Sports Cash System... Even The Sports Betting Professor is looking into Computer program and algorithm systems.

Even if it’s not Sports Betting Systems with intense algorithmic programs to create picks , it’s also earnest people or individuals and their artful approach in uncovering loopholes into winning ways and want to share them with those who have the same desire to win in Sports Betting. These can be time saving systems for those who would rather place bets and just watch to create the profit!

If you are tired of losing money betting on sports, then let these  Sports Betting Systems allow you the opportunity to follow already proven paths toward success. Sports betting goes beyond just picking winners, its bankroll management and wager tactics that are just as critical to gain the advantage.

Knowledge is power! You will definitely make a smart decision by investing in a proven Sports Betting System if you want to make money, right?  The key word here is PROVEN! According to sportsbooks, it is only 2% that actually produce a profit wagering on sports.

Ask yourself which percentage are you? Frank Belanger of “Bookie Buster” says “If you want to make money on sports betting, you need a SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM. Without one, you will lose money!”

If you listen to CLOWNS who say Sports Betting Systems don’t work then your selling yourself short. Although there’s nothing wrong with paying for picks, (that’s available on this site) it’s those cappers that have or use a system of their own of some kind.There has to be something to the statement when a man once said:

“”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”





Exterminator Sports Betting System

HURRY! Don’t wait to get Tony Chau’s NBA Exterminator Sports Betting System

Tony Chau

 Exterminator Sports Betting System   by Tony Chau,      Yes the  Sports Betting Champ has reappeared  and his  name is Tony Chau. Whatever?!

This guy and his systems FLATOUT WIN! He has 3 systems for you in this offer. MLB all  Season ,NBA all Season and 1st week NFL.

__I bought in to his Exterminator System  in August toward the   end of his MLB season and I also get his picks for    LIFE!  and I’m excited about  it!  Here’s an email he sent telling me about how this year’s MLB Season has performed   with his   Exterminator Sports Betting System:


Just to give you an idea of how unbelievably mind-blowing the MLB system is doing so far this season, consider this James: Under my original A-B-C MLB betting system, we are now 53 wins to only 1 loss in the series so far this 2014 MLB season, including 22-0 on the official series and 31-1 on the unofficial series! Under my Exterminator system where no chasing is involved, we’ve been able to multiply our bankroll by up to 400% in winnings since the start of the MLB season. Let’s finish this season off on a good note.

All the best, Tony the sports bettingChamp


See what I’m saying? This is all true!  Tony Chau is a winner and he’ll make you one too! Don’t let any CLOWN tell you Sports Betting Systems don’t work… THEY DO!

If you like betting Baseball and you like winning even more when betting Baseball … then THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!

The best part is His NBA Exterminator System is  just as powerful and accurate. I wouldn’t hesitate AT ALL in considering The EXTERMINATOR SPORTS BETTING SYTEM for the upcoming NBA Season because it’s its right around the corner!

Don’t delay in making a HUGE step towards a profitable NBA Season and becoming a successful and professional Sports Investor!

PICKS FOR LIFE!  I’m in! Are You?


JConnelly @  Highly recommends the Exterminator  Sports Betting System!

The Week 5 NFL Betting System

The Week 5 NFL Betting System



Most bettors find it hard to resist not betting on the High octane offensive teams, even if their teams give up just as many points on defense as well. As week 5 in the NFL nears its time to bring to light a winning NFL Betting System that can only begin to start in Week 5.

Read More of The WEEK 5 NFL Betting System

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Are You Betting on Sports or Just Watching?

By JConnelly@

Hopefully your here because you love Sports! Great! Your not alone.  Millions of people watch sports all over the World, from World Class Soccer to American Major Sports to International Cricket , to MMA to Darts!

Pretty much anything thats on TV or a live event that involves a competition, people are watching.

Is that enough though?

Did you ever have action (a bet) on a game where your hard earned dollar was invested?

If you did, you know how much more intently you watched that game! More Millions bet the  Kentucky Derby every year.

Many more bet The Superbowl! These are fun betting days!

Why not have that action and excitement all the time! If you love sports there is nothing more exciting than having the team or game you bet on prove profitable.


Online Sports TV 2

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Breakthrough Sports Betting System!





Become a Sports Betting Star!


Screenshot 2014-08-30 at 8.14.52 PM

__Okay, so you’ve seen your share of Sports Betting Systems out there, and there’s quite a few. Some are good some are not so good.

It’s critical that every Sports Bettor should have the frame of mind to create a consistent flow of profit month after month, if your serious enough.

It’s not always how many winners you have, its how much profit you’ve gained. Getting it right more than wrong is always a good thing, but knowing when to bet with quality more than quantity is key.

I can’t think of a better time to promote what I feel coud be the best thing every Sports Bettor needs to know.

What if you devised a  Sports Betting System that created profit every month! What would you do? What would you do if you knew the chances of winning bets were extremely higher than anything else you ever knew or heard of or invented yourself?

I think you would probably get giddy everytime you clicked on your sportsbook to place wagers with the confidence you that you never had before.

Well that’s precisely what has happened to a gentleman by the name of Chad. He has developed what he now calls the The SportsBettingStar .




Six years ago in 2008 Chad put in tireless hours of time and effort in which eventually created a winning  Sports betting system .

Chad states he couldn’t sleep for days after back testing his “breakthrough system” with phenomenal results!

He’s confidently willing to share his success with YOU, so YOU can have the same feeling of confidence every time YOU place a wager!

Chad asks the questions:

“Are you tired of losing bets?”

“Are you tired of trying to pick winners without much success?”

“Are you tired of re depositing your hard earned money back into the sportsbook, in hope for a change in luck?”

If you are ANYONE woulds wants to create a profit, you are in the right place.

If you love sports! If you love betting on Sports! If you love watching and winning sports bets, you are in the right place!

If you’ve ever tried to create a system for yourself for whatever sport, you know how tedious it can be.

Chad makes this whole  process of wagering on Sports easy for you, by using DAILY EMAILS with his wagers FOR LIFE!

That’s right! One time and your on your way!




I recently had the privilege to share some words with Chad and was quite pleased in his demeanor, I asked him about which sports is the system most successful in:

“I would say that our MLB and NBA systems are beyond amazing. We have had several double digit win streaks in these sports the past year alone!  NFL, however this year I have incorporated a new -110 NFL and NCAA Football system that will go live next weekend. The Sportsbettingstar main vision is to offer it’s subscribers a strong money management system. I constantly preach to my subscribers about NOT betting with emotions, NOT trying to get rich quick and most importantly betting quality versus quantity.”

As you might imagine it’s not hard to be impressed with Chad who also holds his Faith in high regard. He expressed to me that he is highly active in his community endeavors to care for those in need. Hardly like most cappers in our industry that just think bottom line all the time. Shows he’s the type of guy who has his priorities in order and definitely one you want want to follow!

Please take the time to go over the SPORTSBETTINGSTAR promo site.

Don’t just take it from me, take it from his many successful subscribers testimonials!

Become part of the Winning Side of SportsBetting and YOU can become a Sports Betting Star!





Screenshot 2014-08-30 at 8.14.52 PM




Start Your NFL Season Betting with IG Sports Picks

In case you haven’t heard the incredible stat that only 2-4% of those who wager on sports actually create some sort of profit. When it comes to trying to best the Sportsbooks out of money,… it takes time,effort,experience and most of all patience. These are the keys to being successful that 96% of wagerers don’t have.

Dan Penner of IG Sports Picks  has the keys to success and offers his time, effort, experience and patience so you don’t have to.

For only $5 for a  FIRST WEEK TRIAL!

Let Dan and his team  jump start your NFL and College Football Betting Season on to a PROFITABLE one!

Dan Penner of IG Sports 

“Hi, I’m Dan Penner.  Sports picks are my passion in which I’ve discovered a fool proof way to make money!

I’ve been implementing my sports betting system and strategies for over 10 years. In 1997 I quit my full time job as a chartered accountant and started investing in sports full time.



Sports betting made me a bigger income than my job, so I introduced it to my family and friends. It was hard at first…. because let’s face it, it is gambling to the public.

To me however it was an investment. I began teaching friends and family my methods and money management.

They bugged me for years to start something online, because sports betting online was getting big… So I finally did.

I opened IG Sports Picks to help fellow sports bettors like yourself earn a passive income from sports betting. Not winning but earning is our philosophy and when you join it will be your philosophy as well!

I hope to get to know you and help you grow your bankroll in the near future. Experience my system for a full week for just $5.”

IG Sports Picks

What’s also cool that Dan does for you, is that if you don’t feel for ANY reason that your not profitable, he’ll refund your money. So for as little as $5 to the point where your profitable or your money back. That’s pretty hard to pass up!

Get off to a great start on get going with  IG Sports Picks

College Football Betting: Monster Point Spreads in Cupcake Games Bookmark and Share

*CFBThey show up usually within the first 3 weeks of the  season and then sporadically thereafter.

They can make bettors drool at a chance to seize major assets, or at the same time  make others wince with a notion of disdain and avoid like the plague.

It’s close to the opening of College football, and with these opening weeks comes these Monster Point Spreads.

They’re synonomous with the so-called “Cupcake” games.

It usually involves Division I powerhouses facing Colleges that may perhaps need some recognition for their sports cirirculum other than Basketball.

Schools like Savannah State, Western Illinois,Tennessee Tech, Lamar, to name a few, exploit the unbalanced nature of the game and even their football program in return for above normal payday that helps fund the school. Whatever.

They’re here, so how do we deal with them?

We could take a peek ahead to see what games in the first week of 2014 that could be a potential plus 42 point spread for the ROAD DOG CUPCAKE:

Idaho State @  Utah

Weber St @ Arizona St.

Jacksonville St @ Michigan St.

Appalachian St @ Michigan

Nicholls St. @ Air Force?

South Dakota @ Oregon

Looks like the South Dakota vs Oregon game might be the highest of them all, maybe 50 or more. I’m not so sure Appalachian St will perform any miracles against Michigan again any time soon. What’s Weber St’s chances vs Arizona St? I’m not so sure about Nicholls St. More importantly even if you don’t agree that 1 or 2 of these games will be a high spread it doesn’t really matter until we see the actual lines. It’s just for the example.

Against the spread they all have chance. But which ones will actually do it. But better question is who won’t!

Below in spreadsheet #1  will show the last 2 years (2012-2013) Ncaa Football Game spreads (not exactly at  kickoff) that contains 31 games in which the  Road team Underdog  has a spread of 42 points or more. The logic factor is removed in these equations,however you’ll see that this could be infused with the public bet %:

Spreadsheet #1

You’ll notice in the last 2 years that MOST of these Heavy spread laden Road Dogs got lit up and couldn’t cover. However some did. In fact 9 of the 31 games, the Road Dog covered.

Next is a SORT in Spreadsheet #2 is to show the spread lines in sequential order from 42 points on up to see if any patterns result:

Spreadsheet #2

As you can see from the spreadsheet that spread lines starting at 42.5 up and only to 47 shows a  a nice 15-2 run of success. So right there you know that in the last 2 years 88% in this margin of spread lines has been successful. Above 47 it starts to break apart.

Lets take it another step and SORT Spreadsheet #3 of  the PCT. of the public wagers. Its always been a common notion to bet against the public or at least have a good idea which way the general public is leaning in games to help form a decision.

Spreadsheet #3

Again, another trend has hit here. I think you can clearly see it. Right?  Yea 16 winners out of 18  show bet percentages over 53.70%. Pretty good.

So if we gather this information , we can put together a fairly  good idea based on history  as to where the edge may lie when faced with Road  Monster dog Spread.

2 Things:

1 They should be between 42.5 and 47 inclusive

2 They should be above 53.70 % of  the public betting percentage.  (seems the Public has it right most of the time with these)

So here would your bets be made based on the above criteria which  have been the last 2 years if we supposedly used this idea from these games just as an example.

Louisville-W Wisconsin-W   LSU-L   Auburn-W   Marshall-W   Georgia Tech-W   Texas A&M-W   Texas-W   Virginia -W  UCLA-W  TCU-L  Wisc-W Fla St-W OSU-W

12-2  record …These are the games that fell into the 1-2 criteria to make a wager.

This is just one avenue to try if you want to take a chance at these MONSTER SPREADS and gain an edge in your favor. It may work it may not, or something else to think about,and it only contains a 2 year example, but it might be worth a bet!   Happy prosperous wagering!

J Connelly


I currently use:




Join Today before the Kickoffs! 


Soccer Betting System: “First Half Goals” Affordable System With Proven Results

James Leadbetter has an easy simple solution for your SOCCER betting desires.

First Half Goals System

FHGSS    ^ *






First of all, this isn’t your complex Bet A Bet B Bet C  Sports Betting System that requires you to put up a couple of $100 or so.

Secondly James lets you have a  manual clearly showing you exactly how to trade this strategy.

Thirdly this is a system James had developed in early 2013, and has created a niche system by using the first half only, but with success.

The best part is that James’ Soccer betting covers  more than 60 leagues worldwide!


First Half Goals System


James seems like a smart person who found an opening in Soccer wagering and relies heavily on math and statistics to identify winning wagers. It’s very much a value-based system and advantageous for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to find wagers with a great chance of a first half goal.

Worth a shot $20.00 Go for it


First Half Goals System

Sports Book Review –

Site URL:


Customer Service: 1.888.815.5874
US Players Allowed: Yes
Exclusive Promotion:

10% CashBack Weekly .Win or Lose.
Or the choice of a 50% Bonus up to $500 (cash deposits)
25% Bonus up to $500 (non cash deposits)
Promo Code:
Additional Current Promos:

Fast Daily Payouts (1 free per month)


Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Minimum Deposit: $50
Minimum Wager: $5 internet / $25 call in
Maximum Wager: $3,000 internet / call in *(varies by sport)
Deposit Methods: Cash Deposits (Western Union / MoneyGram) , VISA / Mastercard, BitCoin

Sportsbook: Straights, Parlays, Second Chance Parlays, Teasers, Pleasers, Reverses, If-Bets, Conditionals, Futures, Props, Action Points and Office Pools

Moneylines, Pointspreads, Totals

2 Instant Play lobbies, 1 Live Casino lobby.
Flash platform offering popular casino games such as Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Video Poker, Slots and more. Both “real money” and “play for fun” options are available.

Triple Crown, Breeders Cup and A, B, C and D tracks
W/P/S, Daily Double, Exacta, Parlays, Trifecta, Superfecta, Quinella/House Q’s, Pick Three, Pick Four and Pick Six

When it comes to sports betting, too many sportsbooks hook new members in with overpromises of unbeatable bonuses and promotions. Only after signing up do members discover all the hoops they need to jump through to actually get their hands on their winnings.

SportsBettingOnline is truly different. The sportsbook, which has become famous for its no-BS attitude, has just one promotion. But they’ve made it both rewarding and simple.

All members earn 10% cash back on whatever they bet, every week—win or lose. No catch. No unrealistic rollover requirements. The 10% cash back offers applies to the sportsbook, racebook, and casino. Or customers have the choice of getting a Match Bonus instead of the Cash Back bonus.


The site is relatively new, but head oddsmaker Dave Johnson is at the helm along with a large team of experienced bookmakers. Serious sports bettors will be familiar with his decades-long history of serving sports bettors all over the world. And new members will be thrilled with the site’s high-end customer service, easy deposits, and fast cashouts.

SportsBettingOnline operates from the betting capital of the world—San Jose, Costa Rica—and is accessible worldwide at

“JConnelly @Oddsonyourside”