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I consider this to be the Ultimate Sports Betting System/Tool on the net! You are investing into years of Computed data, which  graphically shows its own history. The really good thing about this is that it’s ALL SPORTS!! Investing into an analytical  Sports Betting System under  ZCode‘s guidance is risk free- it comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. You will join probably the best online sports community of fellow  expert bettors  anywhere on the NET!  Follow many of their PROVEN and PROFITABLE Systems available to you. Share and Chat with anyone of the of successful bettors and system creators to know that this is for REAL! You get a hand guided tour into the profitable world of Network Sports Investing! If you  are ANYONE who wants the best Sports Betting tool available for a small investment considering the value of what you get in return then ZCode is for you!! You can even create your OWN System with ZCode‘s Almanac! Get busy winning with the ZCode Sports Betting System! They’re waiting for you! Cat: Sports Betting Systems

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This young Hard hitting “streetwise college math whiz” turned Sports Betting enthusiast has figured out what works in the Sports Betting Systems realm. People who have given up betting on Sports or giving up hope of ever becoming profitable have found Tommy’s System and his betting plays as away to turn it all around.  Along with his personally developed system he has a team of experts that cover major sports around the world. People are catching on quickly and are seeing their bankrolls grow.  Check out the testimonials and what he provides. Think of  it this way: If your not profitable in two months! You get your money back! Plus I’m not so sure he’s going to steer you wrong for his own good. Tommy Krieg wants you to be successful to maintain the relationship, its a WIN WIN scenario! Start with a small sample to see if you want to get onboard with The Sports Cash System!


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Rich is a third generation sports gambler turned Sports Investor. Being an ex-employee for an off-shore Sportsbook gave him the inside knowledge of how they operate as well as the insight of  where the advantage plays are! The Sports Betting Professor claims that if you follow his Sports Betting  Systems exactly like he says you will undoubtedly profit! These are Systems  based on years of statistics. He is so confident of his powerful systems, that if you don’t profit he doesn’t want your money! His systems will teach you where the profitable bets are so you don’t have to follow statistics, trends and angles that take up up your time. It does most of the work for you. Rich’s Systems cover MLB,NBA,NFL,NHL,MMA,NASCAR,Soccer and even Horse Racing!  Rich likes to stay cutting edge which is what it takes to mainstay sports betting success. He’ll always keep your best interest in mind and will keep you updated on changes to Systems and Sports Betting information.

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Yes the Sports Betting Champ has reappeared and his name is Tony Chau. This guy and his systems FLATOUT WIN! There’s a reason he’s still around! He has 3 systems for you in this offer. MLB All Season, NBA All Season and 1st Week NFL. If you like betting Baseball and you like winning even more when betting Baseball … then THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED! His NBA Exterminator System is just as powerful and accurate. I bought into his Exterminator System in August toward the end of his MLB season and I also get his picks for LIFE! and I’m excited about it!

Don’t delay in making a HUGE step towards a profitable NBA Season and becoming a successful and professional Sports Investor! Get the Newly revised EXTERMINATOR SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM! Just DO IT! It’s well worth It!




**SMART MONEY LAW *by Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Number 5  because of the Value of what you pay for in return on a GREAT Betting System! “Win 91.3% of all your Sports Bets.” The best part about this Sports Betting System is that it only selects bets with the best value. It works beautifully day after day and  it will continue to tell you exactly how and when to make your bets that will turn into profit. It’s a system that deals with Head 2 Head Matchups that when aligned with Steven’s partameters will produce amazing returns! Available now is the completely revised, updated and improved version for today’s marketplace. Become a profitable sports bettor. $49.95    $29.95

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Sports Betting Systems

SportsBettingStar a Picks by Email Service  from a Sports Betting System devised by Chad that he shares with anyone who wants to stop wasting time and hard earned money. Chad on his System: “I would say that our MLB and NBA systems are beyond amazing. We have had several double digit win streaks in these sports the past year alone!  NFL, however this year I have incorporated a new -110 NFL and NCAA Football system. The Sportsbettingstar main vision is to offer it’s subscribers a strong money management system. I constantly preach to my subscribers about NOT betting with emotions, NOT trying to get rich quick and most importantly betting quality versus quantity.”

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SportsBook Investing Let this group of elite Sports Investors guide you back on track of creating growing monthly profits. These guys are not touts or an expensive sports service, but rather experienced bettors who will share their  success sports betting systems with you!

Soccer Betting Masters  For those who want to create profit over the long run betting on soccer and understand the idea of Sports Investing as opposed to ‘gambling’. Frank Belanger connects himself up with Statistical genius James Dodson to create a 60% plus  win rate!

Sports Betting Profits   3 inexpensive systems for Baseball, Soccer and Horse Racing  that takes only a short time to decide where the bets are. These are  downloadable in e-book form that you can always have. Betting baseball can be a tedious task trying to find winners everyday. A Soccer Systems thats takes all the stress out of decision making. Let Sports Betting Profits Systems help you win!



Sports Gambler’s Rules in Stone!

 Cat: SPORTS BETTING SYSTEMS -/ Sports Betting Strategies

*Author _____

RULES : Written in Stone

#1 NEVER Gamble when under stress with family or Home life !

#2 NEVER Gamble when drunk or High or Hungry The Human brain cannot function properly and YOU will lose all YOUR Money !

#3 NEVER Gamble just for the sake of having action

#4 NEVER Gamble with money YOU cannot afford to lose !

#5 DO NOT Chase YOUR losses YOU will constantly bet the WRONG side or just lose !

#6 Max wager on any game is 5% of YOUR bank roll and can only be increased by 5% each time !
IF losing drop it down to 2 % or 1.5% CUT your losses to sustain the long haul This isn’t a sprint race it’s a yaer long marathon !

#7 Always go back and see why YOU lost a bet learn from YOUR losses take notes there’s always a reason why YOU lost it could have been scheduling quirk or player was in trouble with scandal and his head wasn’t in game YOU missed something for sure and next TIME YOU will be prepared and WIN !

#8 DON’T BET THE WHOLE FUCKING CARD stay within 4 to 8 plays per week ! OR Per day as in NBA and MLB it’s far better to go 2-0 than 5-4 or 5-3

#9 Study every game as if YOUR studying for Finals in College just DO NOT over load with meaning less stats on paper or this GUY vs That GUY.  It’s 22 players vs 22 Players in NFL !
TEAM vs TEAM –  NBA also it’s 10 vs 10 starting 5 and bench

IF an NBA team has weak bench players that cannot give 5 – 10 mins each and stop other team or produce points that team will keep on loisng !

#10 NEVER Bet More than YOU can afford to LOSE Especially betting on credit YOU been there i know YOU have LOSE $550 double UP next game LOSE $1100 yourin Hole already and only have $500 woo boy is your local going to be pissed !

#11 Watch out for squares they can hurt YOU both ways Biting a DOG too much or hitting the chalk too MUCH will torch YOUR Money !

College especially YOU seen it a ranked Team vs a NON ranked opponent only game on TV spread goes up huge 3 to 6 points

THE FIX is IN somewhere late in Game that DOG will bite YOUR ass off a meaning less TD scored with no chance of winning the game !

THESE are the rules and the way the real players who bet for a living constantly MAKE MONEY !

IT’s Not a Play It’s an investment !

YOUR ROI is 100% in 4 hrs

* Think about this a moment: YOU have a 50% Chance of getting a 100% return on YOUR money!

* Stock market people trip over others to earn 20% and are risking huge sums of money!

YOUR risking only 10%($1000 Bankroll)  If YOU lose thats it!  $110 is YOUR risk

or to really cut losses risk 100 to win 90

think about that a moment 10 losses YOU saved $100

YOUR getting back a 90% return on your money!

which is out of this world PROFITS!

YOU have no employees , NO Overhead , NO taxes to Pay OMFG what more could YOU ask for ?

OF course betting illegally carries a risk of YOUR bookie getting Busted and some have taken off when busted out and do not have money to pay out !

BUT that’s YOUR Choice many top notch offshore online sports books to safely wager with !

The Net’s Best Online Sportsbooks

SO BOL to YOU may all the calls go YOUR way!

All other Sports Betting Systems






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The World of Online Sports Betting hasn’t lifted off the gas. More and More books are opening up and want YOUR money, especially for  upcoming SuperBowl 50! Why not indulge here and become part of the game and take a stab at the greatest Spectator activity there is in Sports!

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  • Rollover is 5X Sports/5X Horses/30X Casino on both the initial deposit and the bonus amount.*Rolled Over means that your total online sports betting action must meet the amount deposited, including the bonus.
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ZCode has the Answer

Thursday, January 14, 2016


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Chris Mata

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The Zcode Betting System gives you access to a live website that is full of information and statistics that can help you decide which bets to make that will give you the greatest chance of making a profit. It makes use of a comprehensive database of over thirteen years worth of statistics that can help you decide which bets to make and which ones to avoid.

This is a very effective system because it is constantly being updated, and all of these updates are included as part of your monthly subscription. The system is very simple to understand, as a rating will be given to each bet based on the likelihood of the bet being successful. However, this is not the only criteria that earns a bet a five star rating, it also needs to earn you a good amount of profit in order to get the highest possible rating.

The Zcode system makes it as easy as possible for you to make a fair amount of money on sports betting, while at the same time minimizing your losses. It is recognized as one of the most effective sports investment systems that is available on the market today. You are usually able to find a discount on the monthly subscription that is payable by signing up to a newsletter.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015’s Best Betting System

One friend said, if you really want to win big at the bookies, the best thing is to play with the bookies money. He explained by saying that whenever you are betting your own money, you will end up being scared to take risks when necessary to become a big winner.

Finally Some Good News

People all over the world hire mathematicians who can help them develop a system that is almost, get this, almost foolproof. Well I have good news for you, you don’t need the mathematicians or some of the betting systems to win big, try out Zcode and start noticing how much money you will make.

Players usually ask questions about the best betting systems that will ensure consistent winning season after season. The only way that a player can achieve long term success at sport betting is simply following a winning system such as Zcode plus a combination of good money management. Zcode betting system has topped the charts in 2015 because this betting system was developed by a team of economists and financial experts to help identify the measurably mispriced games in the sports arena.

Bookies leave money on the table everyday as they look to offset the risks involved. Zcode strategies are designed to alert members to these profitable situations.

As a sports investor, I have tried out different systems such as the Fibonacci betting system to see whether the returns are worth the risks. The essence of this betting strategy is simple: bet on draw, and if you lose, bet on another one.

You are required to repeat this process until you win. Looking at the data during the 2011/2012 English Premier League, there were 380 games and the draws were just 93. This means that 24% of the games ended up in a draw. There are numerous practical limitations about this strategy. One, many games are played concurrently, meaning a player has no option of increasing their stakes if a draw doesn’t occur.

Zcode Has the Answer

The Fibonacci means that long streaks without draws can cause huge holes in a player’s bank balance. Zcode automated sports betting has just the answer and this maybe the time to jump on board if you are the kind of person who prefers to win big on sports betting. Simply put, Zcode is a sports investing program designed to give players advice on what sports events to bet on and most importantly, which ones you should avoid. It has 15 years-worth of data and it spits out predictions based on pure evidence.

It gives predictions on all major U.S sports which include NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and has integrated all major worldwide soccer leagues not forgetting NCAA basketball, horse racing and NCAA Football.

Unlike the other betting systems, Zcode is the first betting system that gives you the picks and tells you WHY it’s giving you these picks so that you can easily understand the statistics. The good thing about Zcode betting systems and why it’s considered as the best is the fact that it’s constantly updated and is REAL and LIVE. The support team also does a great job of responding to support tickets within 24 hours.

After betting for many months, I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to take their sports investments to the next level. This is a must-have sports system, it tops the list for the best betting systems that work.

To read a Full Review or Discover some of the Best Features of the Zcode Betting System then simply click the link below.

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Winning Golf Wagering!

Pga Tour Winners




Steve “The Golf Banker” makes it his goal to share his winning Golf picks with as many people as possible every Golf Season. 

Steve is a PGA handicapper and researcher and he is going to help you win some money this year betting on golf.

If you don’t watch golf don’t worry about it – you don’t need to watch it to win money betting on it.

Steve’s biggest season since he started was in 2012 when he shared with his clients  a +160 unit season.
Picking winners in Golf wagering isn’t always so easy, but when they hit, they can hit BIG!
Patience and Discipline applies in all of sports wagering and Golf wagering is no different.
Steve has the passion and the experience for wagering on Golf.
So get with The Golf Banker NOW at the start of the Season, because  if you enjoy watching Golf on TV…
all you need to do is to sit back relax and let The Golf Banker guide you to profits as you watch it unfold in front of your eyes.
The great thing about his picks is you don’t have to do any work. He will email you
out each pick telling you exactly who to bet on, and all you will need to do is login
to your sportsbook and place your bets.

May I suggest using  as your sportsbook to wager Golf Bets!


He is so confident that you will love following his picks and enjoy the big profits
that he is giving everyone a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If he doesn’t help
make you money (and lots of it) you can ask him for a refund within 60 days and
he will honor it with no questions asked.
So yes, basically you are getting a 60-day free trial period to make yourself some
money, and then decide whether or not to continue (you are probably going to want
to continue after you win some money, but at least you have a choice)!


80% Winners – Soccer Betting System?

Why Are We Winning 80.7% Of Our Asian Handicap Soccer Picks?


Soccer Betting Masters




From the Desk of Frank Belanger and Soccer Betting Masters

Hi James,

First…..THANKS GUYS for all the nice emails surrounding the new Asian handicap picks we are now offering since November 1.

We have won 21 and lost 5 of these games since we started(80.7%).

The profit is running at 33.5%.

Most of you have been around the sports betting arena previously and know that these results are head and shoulders above the norm for an online soccer service.

How are we doing it?



Soccer Betting Masters

In order to thrive in the sports betting world….it takes a system.

Saturday, we have 5 games from this system and they have been posted in the soccer members login page.

The games range from England Premier to Turkey Super league.

If you aren’t on our roll yet….you need to get there soon!

Join now and get your profits rolling!

Everyone have a great day!



Don’t wait until they win again without your hard earned Money… Get it Before!

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by James Connelly @Oddsonyourside  


This is a Follow Up to the article “The Art of Making a Betting Line in Horse Racing” in which we will step through some basic procedures toward “Creating the Line” More of a “HOW TO”

DM tote






In this approach to forming a “Personal Betting Line” for Horse Racing, we will gain some insight from the Master himself, Mark Cramer from his book entitled …”Thouroughbred Cycles”

A Betting Line is designed to uncover OVERLAYS. An overlay is a horse who will pay off higher than his Fair Market Value (FMV) . The Tote Odds theorectically  tell us what the FMV is for each horse in a race. By comparing YOUR ODDS to the TOTE ODDS you can now demand your price. Again, Simply put, your looking for Horses who will pay off HIGHER than the FMV. This line of thinking believe it or not, is YOUR path to winning at the RACES!

A Betting Line is one that Adds up to 100%. At the track, the tote odds are adjusted for a 118% line. This is known as the “TRACK TAKE” (the Skim). Adding MORE percentage points to the Field of horses on a 118% line would raise (or falsefy) our true Odds that we would assign to our contenders. The ONLY WAY overcome to overcome the EXTRA 18% Track Take, is to base your odds on a TRUE 100% Probability.

1.ELIMINATE NON-CONTENDERS The first idea that involves creating a betting line is to find the ones who will take up very little of the mutuel pool and have an extremely low percentage of winning. Rather than assigning odds to each NON CONTENDER, just seperate them from your contenders and consider them the “Rest of the Field“.

2. ISOLATE YOUR CONTENDERS …In so many ways, not all races are the same. Meaning the type of race, the class, speed, surface, etc. There are so many variables and it is Key to Indentify what kind of race it is. That is more of a topic for another time, but to the point we will focus on is the amount of contenders in a race. So for now, you have your Contenders, and the rest of the Field.

Some races have ONE Huge Favorite. Some have TWO Heavy Favorites. As the Contenders spread out toTHREE or FOUR, we need to set up parameters in our line to bring it into focus. Mark Cramer has devised a guide as to where the percentages go to the field of Horses in a race. This table below assumes that a competent handicapper will pick a winner between 70-80% of the time when allowed to choose UP TO FOUR contenders.


Betting Line Guide

Click to Enlarge










Begin by indentifying your “Most Likely Winner” and then rank them accordingly as #1 and #2 ,#3 and so on. As you can see, the more contenders you have TO WIN, the more spread out the percentages are. The more spread out the percentages are, the higher the odds go. If you have a race with Four contenders you may not get to bet your first choice! This may be a misnomer for most people, but in this concept buying a horse in which you are not getting your FMV(Fair Market Value) is disadvantageous. Usually, your contenders will cover UP TO 80% of your line, while the “Rest of the Field” covers the Rest.


4 COMPARE YOUR LINE to the TOTE BOARD … Using the betting line guide provided and bet accordingly. This is where the excitement comes into play. Finding overlays and getting great prices on horses that run their eyes out for you is a thrill in itself.  Also knowing that the betting favorite who perhaps is being fervently overbet by the public, tremendously increases your FMV. Your betting line may also cause you to use discipline due to the fact that ther are NO OVERLAYS! This is tough for some to accept this after the time you may have spent forming the line. So you can see that the betting line that you create can tell you that the demand for FMV can be challenging indeed.

You could easily bet your fourth choice who is FMV. This is where longshots come into play! How do people pick longshots? This is how.

This betting concept is not for the guy who wants to tell everyone how many winners he had. It’s for the steadfast capper who knows that by buying horses that are ABOVE FVM will payoff in the long run.

Constructing the line of percentages assigned to horses can be simple or complicated. Don’t think that handicapping the Racing Form doesn’t come into play. Being involved in Trainer angles, Jockeys, Owners and track conditions is a must. You should also know that it’s being one step ahead of the the best Handicapper at the track, the betting favorite Handicapper. After all he wins 33% of the time. He’s the one you have to overcome. Continually betting on Favorites that are under FMV will lead to the poor house.

Rather than go into examples of races, I want to tell a you about a time when I first started putting this Betting Line concept into use.

Years ago, I used to live near Hollywood Park (okay about 10 miles away) They used to let everyone in for free after the 7th race. Which meant I could park and get in free for the 8th and 9th races. One particular Sunday, it was my intent to do just that. I studied only the 8th and 9th races all that day.

The 8th was a Graded Turf race called the Hollywood Turf Cup. This was in the 80’s when Trainers Charlie Whittingham, Neil Drysdale, Bobbie Frankel, John Gosden were all in their prime.

It was a race full of Turf Monsters! I narrowed it down to FOUR CONTENDERS. I can’t really remember the top 3 Contenders Names, but there were THREE strong contenders. But I have No problem remembering my FOURTH choice.

I had difficulty seperating my top 3 choices,  so I gave them all equal percentages of 22% which equaled to odds of 7-2 for each of my first 3 choices.

My Fourth choice was a horse named Vilzak, trained by Jack Van Berg and ridden by Non Local rider Pat Day, who was in town for his main ride of the day.

This was a horse with past performances (in recent Grade I races) that were more than adequate, that I just couldn’t see keeping him out of my line as at least a 6-1 CONTENDER.

I’m sure you can probably guess what happened. As I watched the tote board with trepidation, NONE of my FIRST THREE CONTENDERS were worthy of a bet! They were all underlays! But my fourth choice Vilzak? 14-1!

I have him at 6-1 on my line and I would have the potential of a 14-1 payoff. Did I bet him? Your dam right I did and Proud of it as that magnificent animal ridden by Pat Day came flying home to win by a neck and paid off at $30.00!!

The point of this story is, had I never known the concept of a Betting line or understanding value by preparing a line, would I have ever bet that horse? Most very likely No! Especially having 3 other major Horses who I would have thought were more deserving of my money.

That was such a long time ago! But I remember it like nothing else because I created that line that allowed me to see through the fog of a betting race and avoid confusion walking up to the betting cue.

This isn’t always easy, but with practice and learning from your errors in your line making can only help you to improve.

I can’t stress enough this concept. It can be tedious and may wear on you or you just may not get it. But it is truly the ONLY WAY to stay ahead of the Races.


A Betting Line is designed to uncover OVERLAYS. An overlay is a horse who will pay off higher than his Fair Market Value (FMV)

  1. Eliminate Non Contenders as “Rest of the Field”
  2. Isolate Most Likely Winner along with other contenders and rate them 1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4
  3. Assign Percentages to your contenders USING THE GUIDE PROVIDED!
  4. Contenders BASICALLY add to 80%
  5. Compare Your Odds to the tote
  6. Wager where the Fair Market Value Lies whether it’s your first choice or not.
  7. Don’t be dismayed when your first choice wins UNDER Fair Market Value while you  bet your 3rd choice OVERLAY.

Thoroughbred Cycles” “The Odds On Your Side” are just two of the many books Mark Cramer has written to inform you how to win at the races.

This Author Mark Cramer writes: “To win at the track, it is pari-mutually necessary to go against the norm, to avoid the illusory comfort that comes with following an accepted routine. The best way to lose at the races is to be normal, following racetrack routine…as if they were visits to McDonald’s”



Please… leave any questions anyone may have in the comments below

ACTUAL BETTING LINE made at Del Mar Nov.22 2015 Race 2



Del Mar Betting Line Race 2 11_22_2015







The Week 5 NFL Betting System

The Week 5 NFL Betting System



Most bettors find it hard to resist not betting on the High octane offensive teams, even if their teams give up just as many points on defense as well. As week 5 in the NFL nears its time to bring to light a winning NFL Betting System that can only begin to start in Week 5.


Read More of The WEEK 5 NFL Betting System


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New ZCode Profit System Revealed!


ZCode System




Have you heard of this insider SHARP BETTORS system that is already called bookies nightmare?

They call it sports investing because it’s like forex or binaries but they bet on teams and sports.

No matter if you love sports or have no clue about sports, it is about MONEY after all.

It generated $285,742 profit, using an automated software

and all of their results are fully verified by 3rd party tracker monitor…


ZCode System

Click to Enlarge

That predicts the winners for Soccer (Football), Tennis, Horse racing and even major sports such as NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB!

There’s a “crazy” girl who discovered the secret system to “knock out” the bookies. You need to see this.


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This news took the internet by storm and hundreds of people are devouring this unique system as we speak.

They are killing it month after month… it’s unbelievable..

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The ZCode System


Low Cost NFL and College Football Betting Systems




It’s almost here! The pigskin is just days away! How many of you are ready for the fist week of getting in on the anticipated and long waited excitement of  the Pro and College Football betting Season. September through mid January. What about starting it off right and being prepared to do battle against the oddsmakers!



College football



Listed below are some LOW COST Sports Betting Systems / Picks to get you on the right track just before the Season starts!




The Sports Betting Professor   He’ll let you in for $5 for 30 days of picks. That’s a No Brainer folks! If you like what he produces it’s only $47 a month! That’s a good deal! The SBP has been at this for a long time. Go with it! Click Here!


The Sports Picks Wizard   “A proprietary Sports Wagering System for both MLB and NFL!” This will put you in for $250.00 for the Season. Basically $50.00 a month They use a no Fail system for the last 5 years, it’s that simple! Click Here!


GridironGoldSheets    What you get here is Weekly “newsletter” picks. High quality picks for both College and Pro Football, that have proven to be between 60-65% every year. These are in the Money Ballpark for a Full 5 month Season @$200.00! Basically its $50.0 a month of Winning picks! hard to go wrong.  Click Here!


Win Win Sports Betting Systems  Jack Pace offers up Systems for ALL Sports including the NFL. Everything is simple and straightforward. You can master these money systems easily. For only $67.00 You get every System he’s got! Football,Basketball, Baseball, Soccer Click Here!



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